The photographer behind NuMedia Photography is Isaiah McCommons. He started photography back in the early 90's while serving in the military overseas. During this time period between the 90's til now, Isaiah has focused on travel photography, compositions and generally shooting inanimate objects.

In 2008, after spending a great deal of time retouching other peoples photos, Isaiah started NuMedia Photography as a creative effort to combine composition and retouching skills with variety of models. The concept behind NuMedia Photography is to provide signature photography and producing imagery that's attractive and tasteful - striving for quality.

NuMedia Photography shoots primarily portrait, event, wedding and especially artistic photography - experimenting with various types of artistic photography such as glamorous, avant-garde, elegant, classy, sassy, vintage, grunge, rustic, urban, and exotic...

Motto : "Never go for quantity - always chase the QUALITY." - Danny Steyn

We're constantly striving to provide quality photography that's a cut above the rest and set ourselves apart as professionals. Proudly serving the Dallas-Fort Worth area.